Resources for
Industry Experts

Explore resources and classroom materials with proven success in helping develop undergraduate students into career-ready professionals.

Template in a box

From problem statements to market demand, we are preparing entrepreneurs with the right structure and resources to succeed.

Business Plans

Articulate your vision, set achievable goals, and create a roadmap that will guide your business to success.

Financial Plans/Projections

Forecast revenue, manage cash flow, and understand the financial metrics that matter. Make your numbers tell a story.

Legal Agreements

From contracts to compliance, this kit provides you with the essential templates and know-how to protect your business.

Human Resource Kits

This kit includes everything from job descriptions to performance reviews, ensuring you build a culture of excellence.


This guide covers everything from office management to sophisticated IT solutions. Make administration your business’s unsung hero.

Finance & Accounting

Manage your books make data-driven decisions and understand the intricacies of finance and accounting.