The Academy

When We Learn, We Lead.

From problem statements to market demand, we are preparing entrepreneurs with the right structure and resources to succeed. At the academy, our programs are bespokely tailored for the entrepreneur, by the entrepreneur and of the entrepreneur.

Creating Programs that help Entrepreneurs transform their business

Business Masterclass

The Business Masterclass Program is an elite platform that builds capacity and connects budding and existing Businessmen and Businesswomen with expert training.
Each masterclass unravels practical insights from business owners who have built businesses with branches across Africa using proven processes.
Our Masterclasses give participants access to a pan African community of knowledge and experience from business experts who follow through with one on one mentorship and coaching whilst preparing the businesses for fundraising. This is a digital program for all business owners and enthusiasts across Africa.

Program offerings

Mentor Cube Africa

The Cube features only the Most Powerful lessons from handpicked experts that are Guaranteed to immediately improve your financial and social life.
At the cube you will learn directly from the founders , CEOs and experts themselves for optimal and efficient understanding.
The Mentor Cube also gives you access to exclusive video and audio lessons, workbooks, output and input timelines and milestone sheets that you can use in any combination to best suit your learning preferences.

Program offerings

Startup Konnect

Startup Konnect brings together the business ecosystem with a view to connect new and existing startups to investors, founders, Funders, and vice versa. From venture investments to startup collaborations, the konnect program is there for it all.

Business BootKamp

Business Foundations is an alternate program intended for business enthusiasts or students who want to start a business or have applied to enter into any of our programs at The foundation but may not currently meet the pre application requirements.
If you’re highly motivated to build on your non-existing business skills and want to develop your understanding of standard business culture and practices, you’ll benefit from Business Foundations’ inclusive learning environment and academic support.