Our Projects

In partnership with various organizations and individuals, we are driving holistic, inclusive and sustainable economic development in Africa, one community at a time through our projects.

Delivering Projects that help Entrepreneurs Transform their communities

She Boss

The She Boss Program is an INCLUSIVE program that was created with the aim of bridging several gaps in the women-owned or led ecosystem. These gaps include but are not limited to access to opportunities, resources, funding, and means of labor. The SheBoss project has been broken into 2 parts to adequately cater to the different gaps sustainably.

Climed (Climate Education)

The Climed (Climate Education), is specifically designed for companies/enterprise teams and executives as a marathon training exercise for sustainable environment development, the program aims to equip business teams and leaders with adequate and up to date information and learning on climate sustainability and how the organization can leverage on this learnings to create better policies and practices which include but are not limited to investments in renewable energy, waste management, supply chain sustainability, behavior change, and decarbonization.

BPS (Business Policy Series)

This series aims to play a pioneering role in shaping the merging field of business and public policy. The Business Policy Series focuses on two central questions. First, how does public policy influence business strategy, operations, organization, and governance, and what are the consequences for both business and society? Second, how do businesses themselves influence policy institutions, policy processes, and other policy actors, and with what outcomes?

Impact Figures

Jobs created – 120

Ventures Created -6

Ventures supported- 101

Communities impacted – 11


The CiTiZEN LAB is a citizen driven and led program that helps citizens create projects that addresses various democratic and governance issues. These projects could be in the form of businesses, campaigns or just dialogues.