The Foundation

In partnership with various organizations and individuals, we hope to drive holistic, inclusive and sustainable economic development in Africa, one community at a time, by investing and propping the creation and support of mission driven entrepreneurs who are plugging real life gaps in various sectors.

Delivering Projects that help Entrepreneurs Transform their communities

She Boss

The She Boss Program is an INCLUSIVE program that was created with the aim of bridging the huge gap of lack of female founders in the tech business ecosystem and builds the capacity of budding female technology founders and entrepreneurs with business strategy, clinics, coaching, mentoring, and fund support.
It also opens the female founder to a network and community of business experts to keep her accountable. This is a digital program open to Idea or early-stage women-led businesses across Africa.


The BAAF -Ecothon, is specifically designed for Ecopreneurs’ as a marathon for sustainable environment development, the program was created as a business model competition for promising Ecopreneurs who have an innovative business idea related to sustainable environment development (the “SED”).
BAFF-Ecothon aims to support the entrepreneurs to transform an innovative SED related business idea into a feasible business model. BAFF-Ecothon looks forward to contributing to the spread of eco-entrepreneurship and the achievement of UN SDGs.

BPS (Business Policy Series)

This series aims to play a pioneering role in shaping the merging field of business and public policy. Business Policy Series focuses on two central questions.
First, how does public policy influence business strategy, operations, organization, and governance, and what are the consequences for both business and society? Second, how do businesses themselves influence policy institutions, policy processes, and other policy actors, and with what outcomes?


The CiTiZEN LAB is a citizen driven and led program that helps citizens create projects that addresses various democratic and governance issues. These projects could be in the form of businesses, campaigns or just dialogues.